Building History

The Connelly Law Office is located in a building rich with local history. The building was built around the early 1890s by Anthony Carr, Job Carr’s brother, and was known as Carr’s Hall. The Hall served as a meeting hall/community center for the residents in Old Town Tacoma in its first years. By 1893, it was a Knights of Pythias Temple, Lodge No. 22. The building became the Jugoslav Hal in 1926. In the 1920s and early 30s, the building became a grocery store owned by Anton Bush. Dominic Constanti then took over the grocery store for a few years and when Constanti passed away in 1937, the building lay vacant until 1943. During this time, the building was rumored to operate as a brothel. In 1943, Dominic’s widow, Mary, converted the building into apartments. They building lay vacant again during the 1950s and then re-opened in the 1960s and was again used for apartments. During the 1970s, the building was vacant until the building was remodeled and became known as Grazie’s in 1983. The building was purchased by Jack Connelly in 2006. The building still maintains its rich history and is an attraction for Old Town historian buffs and architectural admirers alike.