Nursing Home Liability

Safeguarding dignity and care in nursing home communities

Loved ones placed in nursing home communities are expected to be supported and cared for as if they were in the presence of family. The caretakers in these communities are required by law to adhere to strict codes of conduct. Unfortunately, the treatment of elderly individuals in community residences and the care provided therein often fall far below acceptable standards. There are times when nursing home residents are subjected to both mental and physical abuse, or neglected due to short staffing.

Nursing home residents also find themselves in a compromising position when faced with the option of confronting wrongdoing, fearing potential retaliation and feeling too weak to fight back. Uncovering the truth in cases which involve the mistreatment of nursing home residents, and pursuing a sustainable justice which will compensate victims of abuse or neglect and hold the perpetrators accountable is immeasurably important both for victims and future residents.

Featured Case: Confidential v. Confidential - $1.7 million settlement for two elderly women who died as a result of negligent care