Confidential v. University of Washington

Case type:  Government Liability, Sexual Abuse
Award:  $480,000 Settlement
Attorneys:  Lincoln Beauregard

Case Summary

In the summer of 1977, 13 year old plaintiff S.S. was repeatedly raped and molested by a female mental patient almost three times his age at the University of Washington psychiatry unit. Despite numerous complaints to staff, disturbing encounters with the female patient persisted, causing him long term psychological and emotional damage. The University of Washington settled for $480,000, the highest the University of Washington has agreed to settle any sexual abuse lawsuit.

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Case Details

Plff S.S. was referred to the UW psychiatric unit to undergo a two week evaluation. At the age of 13 he was the only minor among approximately 30 adults who were free to move about the unit. He reported the first instance of molestation almost immediately after the incident, but no action was ever taken. As a result Plff S.S. experienced problems with money, extramarital affairs as well as addictions to gambling and alcohol.