J.C. v. State of Washington

Case type: Personal Injury, Abuse & Neglect, Government Liability
Award: $450,000 Settlement
Attorney: Nathan Roberts

Case Summary

After Plaintiff J.C. was abandoned as a young girl, the State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services (“DSHS”) placed her in the care of her biological uncle. J.C. alleged that she was disciplined excessively and abused during the several months she was living with her uncle (off-and-on from February 1987 to April 1990). She further alleged that DSHS failed to protect her from her uncle and failed to investigate reports that her uncle was abusing her physically. The DSHS records in the case also indicated that J.C. had been sexually assaulted while in her uncle’s care, but J.C’s memories of the sexual assaults had been psychologically repressed and she was unable to testify regarding these assaults with any specificity. DSHS denied all allegations