J.T. v. Trinity Glass Inc.

Case type: Brain injury, personal injury, industrial accident
Award: $6.5 million Settlement
Attorneys: Jack Connelly, Micah LeBank

Case Summary

The plaintiff, an employee of LaborWorks staffing service, was working at Trinity Glass Inc. loading heavy doors onto a palate, when a loose wooden block dislodged from under a stack of doors causing the doors to fall towards him. The wooden block was a makeshift device placed under the stack of doors by other employees, creating an extremely dangerous working environment. The impact caused serious brain injury to the plaintiff. August, 2008

Case Details

Plff was an employee of LaborWorks, a labor staffing service. LaborWorks assigned Plff to work for the Def. who was one of its customers. Plff was in the process of loading heavy doors onto a pallet that had a loose wooden block underneath it. Plff contended the loose wooden block became dislodged from under the pallet causing the pallet to fall and the heavy doors to fall forward towards him. Plff was forcefully thrown into a metal conveyor table sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Plff's experts contended that the use of this block fell far below the industry standard and was in violation of Washington State Health and Safety regulations. After the injury, the Def. replaced the unsecure and unsafe block with a stand affixed to the pallet which would have prevented the pallet from sliding off the block. In August of 2007 Plff filed a third-party suit against the Def. alleging an unsafe work environment. The Def. contended that it was not responsible for Plff's injuries and that it was immune from suit under Washington's Industrial Insurance Act and under the borrowed servant doctrine.