Romero v. West Valley School District

Case type:  Wrongful Death, Government Negligence
Award:  $1.8 million Jury Verdict
Attorneys:  Jack Connelly

Case Summary

Five year old plaintiff Aaron Romero was caught under the wheels of a truck in the excessively dangerous bus loading zone of Summitview Elementary School, in the West Valley School District, and was killed.

Case Details

The bus loading zone was equipped with “no-parking” signs. However, supervision in this area and enforcement of no parking regulations were almost non-existent, allowing parents and visitors were regularly allowed to violate these signs. School district personnel, including the superindendant, had received over 30 notices from bus drivers and parents urging them to enforce the no parking rules. One mother personally approached the superintendent asking whether it would take a child’s death to cause the school district to fix the hazard. Def. West Valley School District ignored these complaints and continued its negligent enforcement of parking regulation in the bus loading zone, allowing the death of Plff A.R.